Roller Furler Credit

ECSA has instituted a new 3-second handicap credit for boats with an added aftermarket above-deck roller furler while sailing in a spinnaker class. To qualify, the roller furler must be fully functional, mounted above deck, and not part of the original boat design. The furling system must be in use at all times, and the largest jib, when used, must be set using the furling system and must be able to be furled using the system.

This credit will be available to boats in the ATB "racing class" beginging with the 2016 season, if requested. Boats receiving credit must use the furler in every ATB race for the entire season or the credit will not be applied for any ATB races.

Available Crew

I used to race in a Wednesday night beer can series out of New Suffolk, NY in Peconic Bay. I've moved since then and now have landed in CT.
It would be great to get out on the water again and the Branford series sounds about my speed.
How do I get involved?
Jim Schweitzer
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