Raffle Sponsors

This is a partial list of the raffle prizes and sponsors for the ATB Dinner Awards. This list will grow as we come closer to the party. Our many thanks to Don Berich and all who made this happen for their efforts in obtaining these wonderful prizes and of course our thanks to all the sponsors.



Raffle Prize description - Estimation


Web site Link

3 hrs. of labor by Destino Yachts and Ole Nielsen $260 www.destinoyachts.com x
Quick Haul from Chris Anderson $300 BranfordLandingMarina.COM
 Dutch Wharf Boat Yard - Quick Haul $500 http://www.dutchwharf.com/  x
Gift Certificate for $50 SU CASA- Jason Swan Flatline $50 SU CASA Restaurant x
 An aerial photo shoot of your boat.  $350 Don Dwyer - Guardian Jet x
Sound Boatworks Gift Certificates, $100, $50, and $25 $175 http://soundboatworksllc.com/  
 Stony Creek Brewery - Two Cases of Beer $50 http://stonycreekbeer.com/  

2 x 1 year subscription to Windcheck




2 Gift bags full of Schick razors for men and women

$100 Andrew Calderoni

1 gallon of Silent Running, a sound Proofing liquid based for noise reduction


Current Composites
Silent Running


1 Spring Rig Tuning from Chuck Poindexter


Sound Rigging
Essex -(860) 767-2131

  • Two 1yr. Subscriptions to Soundings
  • 45 Soundings Magazines


Soundings Publications


$20 Gift certificate from Indian Neck Pizza


Indian Neck Pizza
Branford - 488-5330


Wine assortments from Sam Dendas (Slocum and Sons)



1 Case of wine assortments


Coastal Liquor, Branford


1 Gallon of Petit Paint Blue Hydrocoat




 Nellie Greens 4-course dinner for 2 - $100 value


Thimble Island Brewery 4 Passes and T Shirt



Indian Neck Package Store $20    
Lenny's Gift Cert $40 Lenny's  

Liquor set


Harbor Package


1 North Sails Sail repair kit


North Sails Jack Orr


1 gallon Interlux Bottomkote  blue


 Stony Creek Package Store - Gift Card



$25 gift certificate


Birbarrie Marine

 Framed Sailing Pictures ??? Julia O'Dowd  

Assorted products


West Marine - Branford


Quick Haul - Launch-


Bruce & Johnson Branford



Total approx. so far !!!