Raffle Sponsors

This is a partial list of the raffle prizes and sponsors for the ATB Dinner Awards. This list will grow as we come closer to the party. Our many thanks to Don Berich and all who made this happen for their efforts in obtaining these wonderful prizes and of course our thanks to all the sponsors.

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Welcome to Branford Around The Buoys Sailing!

“Around the buoys” takes place on Wednesdays during the summer and Sundays during the fall and is open to all boats, regardless of color, sex, religion or origin. No entries fees, no certificate required, tune on channel 68 and give the Committee Boat your boat type and model.

Starts are in the vicinity of R34. Bring your friends and spread the word. Don’t miss our beer can ten commandments. (we finance our group expenses with an Annual Dinner Party Award held during the winter - pandemic permitting). Join our Facebook group if you are looking for a boat to crew on, or crew for your boat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/aroundthebuoys/?pnref=story

The Branford Yacht Club bar is welcoming all ATB races fro drinks and food after the race. Sandwiches can be prepaid and held for late arrivals, stop by the bar before the race to reserve,

Congratulations for our preliminary 2020 winners:

Summer racing, Spectre,1st, Flatline 2nd  and Park Place 3rd - Summer Cruising: Golden Rule 1st, Mara 2nd and Irish Mist 3rd

Fall Racing: Spectre,1st,Pachyderm 2nd  and Beau Che II 3rd - Fall Cruising: Mara 1st, Irish Mist 2nd and Electra 3rd

Overall: Mara 1st, Irish Mist 2nd, Pachyderm 3rd

Edgar Smith, Pachyderm