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Donate to ATB

Around the Buoys is just a group of people that get together to sail on Wednesday nights and Sundays. No membership, no fees.
Our only mean of funding is through an annual Awards Dinner combined with a raffle (up to $5000!)

So if you can't make it to the party or you can't volunteer for CB duty and you are feeling a bit guilty...then here is the solution to improve your Karma.

Donate to ATB whatever you like...We use the money to pay for annual expenses like trophies, racing marks, summer parties, website hosting and promote buoy sailing/racing in the Branford area.

If you don't feel like donating money, the other alternative is to purchase a gift certificate from a local restaurant or sailing store and donate it for the raffle party. You get to be a hero!

Our goal is to attract more people to better sail their boat and be more active on the water without the pretense of becoming racing professionals. Most of what you learn is for your own good and to increase your boat experience.

Most important, you get to meet a nice group of people with the same passion: sailing.