Fairwinds Jim...

ATB lost an amazing man, friend, and sailor on Wed. June 22, 2011. Is it ironic or poetic that Jim left us after he spent the evening racing around the buoys in the rain? I think poetic. Jim spent his last evening doing what he loved surrounded by people he considered family, and of course Jim's two sons whom he loved dearly (regardless of what he told them).

Goodsell Point Marina was the setting and Jim the star in a cast of many characters. He was there with his boat whenever he could be, and legend has it that Jim was one of the forefathers of what is now known as Branford Around the Buoys. Jim loved sailing and he also loved sharing it with others. He gave without expectation. Jim helped anyone who asked whether it be lending his tools, his expertise, or strong opinions… and we will all miss hearing those opinions.

Jim was a lovable curmudgeon. After a while you knew what conversational topics would rile him up. Xerox and politics were definitely off limits if you wanted to keep the conversation light, but Jim loved to be challenged even if he strongly disagreed with your point of view.

On a personal note Jim was my friend and mentor. He took me under his wing and taught me how to race sailboats. Jim always pushed me to learn and have confidence in my abilities. Even when it was time for me to move on Jim encouraged me to spread my wings, and he was proud of my accomplishments. I have countless memories of Jim along with many pleasure sails and regattas on More Magic.

Jim touched so many people. I know my world is never going to be the same without him in it. But every time I step on a sailboat I will hear Jim's gentle voice say, “Trim the Jib!”

Sail on Jim Mormile.

Lisa Grey