Navigational aid. There are several types and colors of buoys of which the most numerous are: the black can (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); the red nun (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); the red or green day beacon (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); and the vertically striped black-and-white channel marker (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon).

ATB Around Falkner's

Around The Buoys and Around Falkner's

When: October 21st 11:55 AM Start Sequence

Who: Cruisers and Racers welcome, Check in on Channel 68

Where: From Cow and Calk and Back around Falkner's Island depending on wind conditions.

Please note, this race will count for ATB fall Series.

Play nice and have fun :)


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Raffle Prizes Needed!

Help us get more Raffles Prizes!

As our annual awards dinner approaches, we are looking for raffle prizes to help support the Around the Buoys program. If you have an item or items that you can donate to our raffle, or if you can solicit from you favorite source (gift certificates, liquor ,other products and services) it would help make this years raffle a big success!

We have a Raffle prize request form available for all potential sponsors that explains the benefits to supporting our sailing program.

Please contact Jim Barker (Impulse) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 203 668 0111 with the items you have found to help our raffle be successful .

As soon as we have a donation we can post it on our web site. Please see attached PDF sponsor request form.

Thank you for your everlasting support and participation.

Eric Treu

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