Navigational aid. There are several types and colors of buoys of which the most numerous are: the black can (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); the red nun (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); the red or green day beacon (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon); and the vertically striped black-and-white channel marker (seen as a fuzzy black spot on the horizon).
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In celebration of our friend Teri Binkley's life












I know that the term warrior is overused with regard to cancer but Teri brought a new meaning to the word warrior.  She was a warrior in life, on the race course, with her illness, in love, and friendship. She lived her life doing everything she did at 100%. She was my friend but she was also my hero.

She waged a war on cancer, if anyone could win I knew it would be Teri. I am  incredibly sad to share that Teri lost her long battle with cancer this weekend. My friend is gone and I wish she could help me find the words. She always helped me when I was in a creative rut. I need her now.  -lisa grey

Help Celebrate Teri’s life and the life of her mother Sonia who passed recently.
Please join the family for food, drink, and the the sharing of memories in honor 
of two great women.

May 13th from 1-4
at the Branford Yacht Club

Donations can be made to Smilow Cancer Hospital in lieu of flowers.


Welcome to Branford Around The Buoys Sailing!

“Around the buoys” takes place on Wednesdays during the summer and Sundays during the fall and is open to all boats, regardless of color, sex, religion or origin. No entries fees, no certificate required, tune on channel 68 and give the Committee Boat your boat type and model.

Starts are in the vicinity of R34. Bring your friends and spread the word. Don’t miss our beer can ten commandments. (we finance our group expenses with an Annual Dinner Party Award held during the winter). Join our Facebook group if you are looking for a boat to crew on, or crew for your boat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/aroundthebuoys/?pnref=story

The 2016 Fall racing is done.  Stay tuned for details on the Awards Banquet. Be sure to become a member of the Around the Buoys facebook group for a great collection of photos, videos and more from the 2016 season.

Edgar Smith, Pachyderm